The Advantages of the Booklet Label

The advantages can be classified into two; the Promotion and PR advantages, and the Packaging Application advantages.
The Promotion and PR advantages :
  • Ease in applying using labeling machines
  • Can be used for direct advertising
  • Can be used as a product catalog
  • Can be used for introducing new products
  • Can be used for announcing rebates
  • Can be used in cross-branding
  • Can be used in sweepstakes, scratch-offs, lottery promotions
  • Can be used for free samples
  • Can be used for food recipes, usage instructions, etc…
  • Can be used as the warranty card

Packaging Application advantages :

  • A better shelf impact
  • A better look for big amounts of writing
  • Lower packaging and distribution costs by keeping the packaging constant and using the booklets for the variable information
  • Can be stored and destroyed easily when wished
  • More space for detailed usage instructions and product specifications
  • More space for your graphics and visuals
  • More space for warning instructions
  • More space for environmental information
  • More space for warranty terms
  • More space for several languages